Buy or Build Your Own Picnic Table?

Building your own picnic table can be a fun exercise and a great learning activity for adults and children alike. It is not too difficult although it is probably best not to expect perfection on your first try.

There are lots of great videos available to show you in a step by step way how you can build your own picnic table, although some woodworking experience and lots of tools are recommended.

Here is a great tutorial: How to build your own picnic table

And you can buy all the materials you will need here: Timber Supplies

We would estimate that you may need a budget of about £150 (presuming you have all the power tools) and a weekend to build it in.

As a warning though, a badly built picnic table can be dangerous and can result in quite serious injury if it should collapse.

Alternatively, simply order one from us now for the same price and have it delivered to your door within days, safe in the knowledge that it will be high quality, safe for children and adults alike, and will probably last and look a lot better.



The Durham Picnic Table,

Now under £100.