The Big Question: Round or Rectangular Picnic Table?

The biggest choice we have when picking a picnic table is wether to choose a round picnic table or a more traditional rectangular one?

The Rectangular Picnic Table.

rectangular picnic tableA rectangular picnic table is the most traditional picnic table design.

It allows for seating on two sides and requires less space for use or storage.

The benefits of this design are:

  1. Usually less expensive as construction has less wasted material
  2. People opposite each other are far closer to each other
  3. You can squeeze in lots of people on the bench seats
  4. You can line up multiple tables together to form one long table
  5. The non-seated ends are great places to distribute food or drinks from
  6. Additional seating can be added to the ends for parents to control activities
  7. The table fits snugly into corners of the garden or up against fences during storage
  8. The picnic table is easily transported in a vehicle as it can fit into most estate or mini vans with ease

The Round Picnic Table.


A round or circular picnic table is usually a more attractive and impressive sight.

Usually with more individual seating allowing for a more comfortable experience.

The benefits of this design are:

  1. Everyone at the table has an equal position, with nobody stuck at the end, or squashed in the middle.
  2. Everyone around the table has equal access to any food or drinks served to the table. For activities and games, everyone can join in equally and reach the board or game pieces equally.
  3. For conversation, each person can speak to anyone else in the group across the table.
  4. The more individual seating spaces reduces the possibility of children arguing over seating space or seating position.
  5. The table is far more stable, and very unlikely to tip if everyone on one half gets up at once.
  6. With a ‘Lazy Susan’ revolving stand or tray on the table top, people can easily share condiments or food.
  7. Usually a more impressive presence, multiple tables can be dotted around an area or open space creating focus areas for family dining.

The rule of thumb.

If you have lots of room to fill, round picnic tables are the best choice such as our very own Aberdeen Picnic Table.

If space is an issue, we would suggest a rectangular picnic table, such as our 1400 Picnic Table.

We hope you found this article useful.

The PicnicTables4u Team